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Hello. I am Ankhin. Welcome to my website! Here I shall introduce my work - collectible porcelain dolls, indoor sculptures made of terracotta and porcelain, ocarina flutes, smoking pipes, batik and more.

 One-of-a-kind dolls  christmas tree toysOne-of-a-kind dolls 2006One-of-a-kind dolls 2005One-of-a-kind dolls collection 2004One-of-a-kind porcelain dolls 2003next

If some of these creations evoke strong emotions, inspire associations or conjure up the basis for a story, please share them on the appropriate pages of my website.

Thank you.

» One-of-a-kind dolls christmas tree toys

» One-of-a-kind dolls 2006

» One-of-a-kind dolls 2005

» One-of-a-kind dolls collection 2004

» One-of-a-kind porcelain dolls 2003

» Metamorphs — Objects for interior design

» Strange creatures — Objects for interior design

» Authors earthenware hookahs

» Collectible earthenware ocarinas

» Batik - silk painting

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